SUMI, Kaoru

DepartmentDepartment of Media Architecture
Specialized FieldsMedia Informatics, Affective Computing, Interactive Digital Storytelling, Serious Games, Persuasive Technology, and Artificial Intelligence
Subjects in ChargeInteractive System, Artificial Intelligence and Media, Modern Design and Introduction of Information Expression
Academic BackgroundGraduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Personal HistoryProfessor, Future University Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan since 2011,
Associate professor, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan since 2009
Researcher, National Institute of Information & Communications Technology, Kyoto, Japan
Assistant professor, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
Researcher, ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan
ACM Senior Member.
Starting Time of Employment2011

Research Contents

- Media Informatics
- Understanding support using visual information
- Animation’s CGM; Customer Generated Media
- Game applications for education, medical care, and sports fields
- Affective Computing
- Evaluation of the non-verbal information effect on humans using virtual agents
- Digital Storytelling, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science
- Automatic conversion from e-content into story animation
- Story generation

Attractive Factors of My Research

I am interested in research on how non-verbal information affects humans. This research field has many unresolved issues. I am also interested in realizing my ideas by developing a support system for human activities.


Please see “Major Books and Papers”.

Major Books and Papers

Book Chapters
<Affective Computing>
-Kaoru Sumi: Spoken Dialogue Agent Applications using Emotional Expressions, Emotions and Technology: Communication of Feelings for, with, and Through Digital Media, Elsevier (2015) To appear.

-Kaoru Sumi and Mizue Nagata: Characteristics of Robots and Virtual Agents for Persuasion, Human-Robot Interactions: Principles, Technologies and Challenges, Nova Science Publishers (2015)

-Kaoru Sumi and Mizue Nagata: Evaluating a Virtual Agent as Persuasive Technology, Psychology of Persuasion, Janos Csapo and Andor Magyar eds., Nova Science Publishers (2010).

<Game and Learning system>
-Kaoru Sumi, Kudo Kento: A Serious Game Stimulating Children’s Interest in Chemical Binding, Computation: Theory and Practice of Computation: Proceedings of Workshop on Computation: Theory and Practice WCTP2013, World Scientific (2014) .

-Kaoru Sumi, Kazuhara Ayaka: Learning English Words via Animations and Making Sentences using an Etymological Memorization Method, Computation: Theory and Practice of Computation: Proceedings of Workshop on Computation: Theory and Practice WCTP2013, World Scientific (2014).

<Digital Storytelling>
-Kaoru Sumi and Mizue Nagata: Animation for Supporting Parent-and-Child Communication, Handbook: “New Horizons in Creative Open Software, Multimedia, Human Factors and Software Engineering” :Blue Herons Editions(2012).

Academic Papers
<Affective Computing>
-Kaoru Sumi, Mizue Nagata: Characteristics of Robots and Virtual Agents as a Persuasive Talker, Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction. User and Context Diversity, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 8010, pp. 414-423 , Springer (2013.7).

-Kaoru Sumi, Mizue Nagata: Persuasive Narrative via Digital Storytelling, Human Interface and the Management of Information. Information and Interaction Design, , Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 8016, pp. 276-283 , Springer (2013.7).

-Kaoru Sumi and Mizue Nagata: Interpersonal Impressions of Agent for Developing Intelligent Systems, published in Helmut Prendinger, James Lester and Mitsuru Ishizuka ed., Intelligent Virtual Agents, LNAI 5208, Springer Lecture Note in Artificial Intelligence, pp.496-497, Springer (2008.9).

<Digital Storytelling and Cognitive Science >
-Kaoru Sumi, Mizue Nagata: Interactive e-Hon as Parent-Child Communication Tool. Human Interface and the Management of Information. Interacting with Information,, volume 6772 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, page 199-206. Springer (2011.7).

<Digital Storytelling and AI>
-Kaoru Sumi: Learning Story Marketing through Practical Experience of Story Creation System, published in Ruth Aylett, Mei Yii Lim, Sandy Louchart and Paolo Petta ed., Interactive Storytelling, Springer Lecture Note in Computer Science, LNCS 6432, pp.98-pp.110, Springer (2010.11).

-Kaoru Sumi: Interactive Storytelling System using Recycle-based Story Knowledge, published in Ido A. Iurgel, Nelson Zagalo, and Paolo Petta ed., Interactive Storytelling, LNKS 5915, Springer Lecture Note in Computer Science, Springer pp.74-85 (2009.12).

-Kaoru Sumi: Animation-based Interactive Storytelling System, published in Ulrike Spierling and Nicolas Szilas ed., Interactive Storytelling, LNCS 5334, Springer Lecture Note in Computer Science, pp.48-50, Springer (2008.11) .

-Kaoru Sumi: Anime Blog for collecting Animation Data, published in Mark Cavazaza and Stephane Donikian ed., Virtual Storytelling, LNKS 4871, Springer Lecture Note in Computer Science, pp.139-149,Springer (2007.12).

-Kaoru Sumi and Katsumi Tanaka: Automatic Conversion from E-content into Virtual Storytelling, published in Gerard Subsol ed., Virtual Storytelling, LNCS 3805, Springer Lecture Note in Computer Science, pp.262-271, Springer (2005.11)

<Communication Support System and AI>
-Kaoru Sumi, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Talkabout: E-negotiations via Concept Tree Generation, Special Issue on E-negotiations, Journal of Decision Systems, 2004/4, pp.477-499, Lavoisier(2005.6)

-Kaoru Sumi and Toyoaki Nishida: Telme: A Personalized, Context-Aware Communication Support System, IEEE Intelligent Systems, Vol.16-3, May/June 2001, pp.21-28 (2001.8).

-Kaoru Sumi: Intelligent Tool for Facilitating Creative Communication, published in Toyoaki Nishida ed., Dynamic Knowledge Interaction, pp.105-130, CRC Press (2000.3).

-Kaoru Sumi, Yasuyuki Sumi, Kenji Mase, Shin-ichi Nakasuka, and Koichi Hori: Information Presentation by Inferring User's Interests Based on Individual Conceptual Spaces, Systems and Computers in Japan,Vol.31-10, pp.41-55 (2000.9).

Invited Talks
<Affective Computing>
-Kaoru Sumi: Communication with a Virtual Agent via Facial Expressions, IJCAI Workshop on Empathic Computing, 4th International Workshop on Empathetic Computing (IWEC’13), 2013.8. Beijing, China. (Invited Talk)

-Kaoru Sumi: Human Interface of Robots or Agents via Facial and Word Expression, International Symposium on Artificial Life and Robotics(AROB), 2012.1.(Invited Talk)

Message to Students

Since Information Science is a relatively new field, everybody involved in it has a huge opportunity. Both business and academic research laboratories are seeking new study results. You have a chance to research any subject you wish at graduate school. For many of you, this will be the last chance you ever have to conduct studies freely. I recommend that you increase your value to the world by producing study results before getting a job.