ITO, Kiyohide

DepartmentDepartment of Media Architecture
Specialized FieldsCognitive Science,Ecological Psychology,Auditory Psychology
Subjects in Charge(undergraduate) Perceptual System,Cognitive Psychology,Seminars in Cognitive Psychology,Cognitive Science,Modern Design
(graduate school) Special Topics of Cognitive System 2
Academic Background
DegreePh.D. in Education
Personal History
Starting Time of EmploymentApril 2000

Research Contents

1. Auditory perception : I am a researcher who is investigating to reveal the relationship between listening and environmental sounds.
2. Perception of vibration : I am engaged in the research to reveal effects of inaudible waves such as low frequencies or ultra sonic waves on perception and behaviors.
3. Effect of exercise on anti-aging of physical motion : I recently start to study effects of eastern body works on preventing from locomotive syndromes.
4. Ecological interface design : I and colleagues are developing "ecological interfaces" which allow people to use intuitively.

Attractive Factors of My Research

My research topics I mentioned above, I confirm, make to solve problems which Modern Japanese society will face near future.


Major Books and Papers

Message to Students

Don't hesitate trial and error!!
Must important thing is what you do by yourselves.