Outline of International Student Selection

The Graduate School of Future University Hakodate has a special selection procedure for students from overseas. Please download the PDF files below for details.


Education/Library Affairs Section, Education Affairs Department
University Office, Future University Hakodate
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  • Admission fee ¥310,000
  • School fees ¥535,800  (to be paid in 2 installments)

Admissions Policy

Ideal graduate student figure

With the motto Open Space, Open Mind, Future University Hakodate aims to foster graduate students with motivation, responsiveness, and expertise in Systems Information Science so they can tackle the challenges in creating and discovering new ways of understanding for the purpose of enhancing human knowledge and capabilities.

Based on the concept of Systems Information Science, the University aims to foster human resources capable of dealing with complex systems in the information society. The University emphasizes the development of specialized knowledge, research skills, and creativity. In particular, the doctoral program focuses on the candidate’s ability to produce authoritative academic and industrial achievements in their specialized field.

Proficiency to be evaluated during the entrance examination

1. Specialized subjects
Applicants are expected to be acquainted with the fundamental concepts of their field of study in Systems Information Science. Being able to draw on related fields will also be advantageous.
2. English
Applicants are expected to be proficient in English (vocabulary, grammar and an ability to read and write in English) necessary for conducting research. The command of English is required in order to understand ideas, express opinions and participate in academic discourse.
3. Interview
Applicants will be expected to clearly and succinctly present their research plan, progress, and expected outcomes.