Message from the Head of the Research Department

Makoto Okamoto

Head of the Graduate School, Future University Hakodate

The Graduate School of Future University Hakodate has three main features.  The first feature is the substantial interdisciplinary research and education. Faculty members pursue interdisciplinary and creative research themes with their students not only focusing on their specialized fields, but also collaborating with other fields of study (including Information Science, Cognitive Science, Information Design, Economics and Biology) that are not found in other universities. The second feature is the various research fields. There are distinctive industries such as fishing, fish processing, sightseeing and shipbuilding in Hakodate. Moreover, Hakodate has a rich historical heritage as a result of its open port, and has a wonderful natural environment. With these social and natural environments as a base, and thanks to the cooperation of the local people, we are able to carry out various successful research projects. The third feature of the Graduate School is the originality of the research. The graduate students actively present their research results at domestic and international academic conferences and have received many awards. In addition, graduate students have received external research funds, such as the Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (the Mitch Program), that have supported research, the results of which will become a cornerstone of future society.

So, to all students aiming to carry out next-generation research, we hope you can join us in this stimulating research environment and together we can design future society!

makoto okamoto