BAGENDA, Dominic

DepartmentDepartment of Media Architecture
Specialized FieldsScience and Communication
Subjects in Charge
Academic BackgroundHokkaido University
DegreeDoctor of Philosophy
Personal HistoryHokkaido University, Graduate School of Fisheries 2003 to 2009
Starting Time of EmploymentApril 2009

Research Contents

Research on the use of Information Technology in helping communities understand and apply science.

Attractive Factors of My Research

Through this research it is hoped that great scienitific advancements of our age can be simplified to help transform communities.


Development of a study program that puts university students in villages in Africa to help solve problems using basic science.

Major Books and Papers

Bagenda, D. K., Yamazaki, K. (2007) Application of bacteriocins in food preservation and safety. Food (Global Science Books) Vol.1, p.137-148.

Message to Students

Until we stop trying, success is always possible