May 25, 2020

Announcement of Faculty Position, Future University Hakodate 202101 (Field of Information Design)

  1. Affiliation:
    Information Design Course, Department of Media Architecture, School of Systems Information Science
  2. Open Position:
    Professor or Associate Professor (Two people are recruited)
  3. Field of Research:
    Information Design
    – Interaction Design (UI/UX,graphics, digital media, interaction, service, design practice)
    – Interactive Systems (contents, Device, Wearable, VR/AR/MR,Computer Game)
    – Data Visualization (digital media design, dynamic infographics, advanced design)
    – Open Design (digital fabrication, physical technology)
    – Field Work (ethnomethodology, cultural anthropology, field cognitive science, design philosophy)
    – Learning Environment Design (learning science, educational technology, cognitive psychology)
  4. Subjects to be Taught:
    You may be in charge of four undergraduate subjects from Information Design Ⅰ and Ⅱ, Human Interface Design, User Centered Design in addition to Basic Information Expression Ⅰ, II, and Ⅲ, and one graduate subject in specialized field.
  5. Eligibility:
    – A person who has a doctoral degree or excellent achievements (including outstanding works and award-winning) equivalent thereto.
    – A person who is capable of teaching and providing research guidance for both undergraduate and graduate students.
    – A person who professionally and practically teaches his/her experience of Monozukuri in the practice of design through the education and research activities and motivate him/herself for further developments.
    – A person who has strong interest in Information Science and Cognitive Science and substantial experience related on contribution to community and society by dialogue and co-creation in design practice.
    – A person who is interested in regional, medical, educational, environmental, human rights, ethical, philosophical, economical, and political issues as the fields of design.
  6. Starting Time of Employment:
    April 1, 2021 in principle
  7. Documents to be Submitted:
    (in either English or Japanese)
    (1) Please specify the field (Information Design) and the position (professor or associate professor) you are applying for.
    (2) Resume (including attached photograph, current address, contact numbers (telephone and e-mail), academic history (up to high school graduation), employment history, research experiences, association(s) you belong to, degree(s), and rewards and punishments)
    (3) List of works or research achievements (such as works, research papers, publications, and vocational achievements (patents, design registration, award in a specialized field etc.))
    (4) Reprints of three work portfolios or major publications (one for each)
    (5) Educational achievements (The result of the human resource development in the case of working for a company is included.)
    (6) Achievements to acquire external research funds or to be a leader of research and development project
    (7) The outlines of your past work/research, and the future work/research plans (within two pages of A4 sized paper in length)
    (8) Educational aspirations (One page of A4 sized paper in length)
    (9) List of 2 referees including their names, affiliations, contact addresses (postal address, phone number(s), and e-mail address(es))
  8. Due Date for All Materials to be Received:
    Thursday, September 10, 2020
  9. Mailing address for submitting application documents (※Note):
    General Affairs Division, Administration Bureau, Future University Hakodate116-2 Kameda-Nakano, Hakodate 041-8655 JAPAN
    Tel:  0138-34-6448
    Please send the documents by registered mail and mark “application documents for faculty position (Field of Information Design)” in red ink on the envelope. The submitted documents will not be returned.
  10. For further information in reference to this application, please contact:
    Prof. KIMURA Ken-ichi
    Chair of the Department of Media Architecture, Future University Hakodate
    Tel:  0138-34-6448 / E-mail:
  11. Other:
    The selection is made based on your past achievements and the comments of your referees if necessary. Achievements are evaluated by research papers and contents of works, internal and external reputation and industrial/technological contributions. The university actively recruits in consideration of equal opportunity and diversity for the selection of the faculty members.  In the screening process, we may ask you to explain about the submitted documents and/or give a lecture. We will handle your application as confidential.
    The university aims at realizing sustainable society and the world and works on design to make people happy.  Design as a field of study that is the fruit of interest and intelligence is practiced beyond having fun.  We look for new colleague who can find fundamental problem by dialog, co-create community, and propose and create future together.


Note: Application form is available to be downloaded from the University Homepage.