RENCON: toward a new evaluation method for performance rendering systems

Rumi Hiraga, Mitsuyo Hashida, Keiji Hirata, Haruhiro Katayose and Kenzi Noike,

Evaluation of computer music research from a system point of view has not been established because of the subjective nature of music. In order for such research areas to evolve and prosper, we believe that an evaluation method based on objective understanding is essential. We started and propel RENCON (performance rendering concours), a world-wide-landmark-project to be, in order to seek and propose an evaluation method for music systems taking performance rendering system as the typical research of manipulating Kansei information. Musicians and musicologists also expect to see the result of the project in how to describe music analysis and cognition objectively. Furthermore by letting people be widely conscious of the project, we hope RENCON to enlighten people on the computer music research, encourage them to participate in it, and empower the research itself. In this paper we will report the activities of RENCON and its majestic goal.

In Proc. of ICMC 2002, ICMA, pp.357-360.