Musically Intelligent Agent for Composition and Interactive Performance

Keiji Hirata, and Tatsuya Aoyagi

This paper discusses an approach to realizing intelligent musical systems that can enhance a musician's inspiration and his/her creativity. The authors believe the main obstacle to achieving such a system is a lack of colorful personality and introduce a collaborator agent. In our framework, the diversity of the collaborator's personality is realized by the diversity of inference mechanism and that of knowledge base. The planning block within a collaborator agent carries out inference and is in charge of the inference strategy. The musician's model within it represents the musical knowledge that the musician possesses. The integration of agent technology, case-based reasoning (CBR) and deductive object-oriented database (DOOD) technique can contribute to realizing a collaborator agent. Prototype system, P^3, is presented. In P^3, the planning process of a collaborator agent is implemented in CBR and its musical knowledge is managed by DOOD.

In Proc. of ICMC 1999, pp.167-170, ICMA.