Interactive Music Summarization based on GTTM

K. Hirata and S. Matsuda

This paper presents a music summarization system called "Papipuun" that we are developing. Papipuun performs quick listening in a manner similar to a stylus skipping on a scratched record, but the skipping occurs correctly at punctuations of musical phrases, not arbitrarily. First, we developed a method for representing polyphony based on time-span reduction in the generative theory of tonal music (GTTM) and the deductive object-oriented database (DOOD). The operation, least upper bound, plays an important role in similarity checking of polyphonies represented in our method. Next, in a preprocessing phase, a user analyzes a set piece by the time-span reduction, using a dedicated tool called TS-Editor. For the real-time phase, the user interacts with the main system, Summarizer, to perform music summarization. Summarizer discovers a piece structure by means of similarity checking. When the user identifies the fragments to be skipped, Summarizer deletes them and concatenates the rest. Papipuun can produce a music summarization of good quality, reflecting the atmosphere of an entire piece through interaction with the user.

In Proc. of ISMIR 2002, pp.86-93, IRCAM