Big Success in 2012...

The 2012 "Puchi Fringe @ Hakodate" was a big success. Eiley's was full on the first evening, with spontaneous acts joining the fray to take us on past 1am. We then enjoyed a different atmosphere at Koharu Biyori the following day. With genres including dance, three different styles of music, film, spoken word and visual exhibition, we brought a multi-disciplinary event to Hakodate.

...Over 25 Events in 2013!

Click for Fringe Guide (10M, pdf)
Fringe Festivals are a bottom-up way of showcasing local talent and promoting artistic creativity. Events usually take place all over a town, and often outdoors and in unusual places. They are supported by a "Fringe Club", where artists perform to advertise their shows. "Fringe" is a style of art festival popular around the world, but not yet in Japan. We started a fringe culture in Hakodate in 2012 with a "Puchi Fringe" that recreated a Fringe Club atmosphere in a bar and in a cafe ("puchi" is the Japanese version of the French pronuciation of "petite"). We have grown this in 2013 to an 8-day festival with over 25 events in 15 locations. Please enjoy.

Schedule is now released! Click below to download the pdf file (around 600K).

Last Two Days 2013: Fri 8th & Sat 9th

Thanks to all for the participation this year. Friday and Saturday are the last chances to catch Fringe events. We especially recommend the "Fringe Last Party"!



What: Love nostalgia? Couldn't get to Paul McCartney's concerts in Japan this year? This event is for you.
When: Nov 8, 19:00~, 3000円 including one drink
Contact: 0138-55-6096 (Sound Papa)
Where: Blue Point

ROPE Acoustic Live

ROPE アコースティック ライブ

What: Solo acoustic guitar music with an emphasis on instrumentals, brought to you by Go Nakamura.
When: Nov 8, 21:00~, Free
Where: post@bar



What: Towards a more beautiful body style by learning about pelvic floor muscles.
When: Nov 9, 13:30~, 1300Yen including tea
Where: Community & Cafe Hana Hana

Fringe Last Party


What: All are welcome to join us for this celebration of our event. You will be rewarded by a slew of live performances and a lot of fun. "Tobi-iri" participation OK!
When: Nov 9, 20:00~, Free
Where: Yakitori Bar Kura

Towards Real Fringe in Japan

We are building on the success of the 2012 Puchi Fringe @ Hakodate event to create a genuine Fringe Festival in 2013. This event is staged as part of the unique "Project Learning" initiative of Future-University Hakodate. As part of our work, we will create a business model for implementing large fringe festivals in Japan.


The basic timetable for the Fringe is:

5 Jul 2013First Deadline
(Provide at least name of venue or event and artists to be included on 2013 poster)
1 Oct 2013Second Deadline
(Provide full details by this date to be included in 2013 Fringe Guide. The Fringe Guide will include complete descriptions and pictures for each event)
2-9 Nov 2013Hakodate Fringe Festival 2013!


After the Second Deadline, requests to register an event can only be included in our online program.






8 Nov 2013
Four Fringe events to go... You can catch both the Beatles Party and the Rope Live one after the other in Goryokaku tonight.
7 Nov 2013
We received a donation of wine for our party on Sat 9! Join us at Yakitori Bar Kura!
6 Nov 2013
Today is magic day! Join us at Post@bar from 8pm.
5 Nov 2013
Thanks to Getsuyousha for giving the Fringe 5 minutes at the start of their event.
4 Nov 2013
We gave out hundreds of Fringe guides at the Fringe event in Goryokaku Tower.
3 Nov 2013
Thanks to all for helping make Day 2 a success.
2 Nov 2013
Fringe has started! 120 people came to the Puchi Fringe.
1 Nov 2013
We put nobori in front of many venues. Look out for them!
31 Oct 2013
Fringe appeared on NHK program Tsunagaru
26 Oct 2013
We distributed a few thousand Fringe fliers around town.
10 Oct 2013
We have 28 events in 15 locations for this year's Fringe. Thank you!
25 Sep 2013
Our interview is on Page 8 of Boratto
12 Sep 2013
We were interviewed by Boratto magazine. The article will come out very soon.
17 Jul 2013
We received 18 registrations by the first deadline. Thank you!
5 Jul 2013
Register now to get your name on
the Fringe 2013 poster
4 Jul 2013
Hakodate Shimbun
Fringe interview!
3 Jul 2013
We got a Fringe mobile phone!
28 Jun 2013
We appear on FM Iruka today@ 5:45
7 Jun 2013
New press release.
24 May 2013
FAQ page added, plus fliers uploaded to Support page.
18 May 2013
First registrations arrive. Thank you!
16 May 2013
Online submission opened (J)
8 May 2013
New Staff pictures up
3 May 2013
Online submission opened (E)
1 May 2013
Hakodate Fringe 2013 dates announced
28 Nov 2012
Puchi Fringe pictures up!
31 Oct 2012
"Mix Style Dance" added to Eiley's performers list.
28 Oct 2012
Artist list updated. Join us next weekend!
13 Oct 2012
English web site goes online.
12 Oct 2012
We were interviewed by Yomiuri Shinbun. The article will appear on Nov 1.
15 Jul 2012
Fringe dates fixed: Nov 2 & 3!
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