• 当初予定: 令和2年4月6日(月)
  • 変更後: 令和2年4月20日(月)


  • 新型コロナウィルス感染の拡大
  • 大学教育継続の重要性
  • 対策の基本方針
    急激な感染拡大によって医療システムの破綻を招くような事態を防ぐことが最も重要です。そのために大勢の人々が閉じられた空間で近距離で、時間を過ごすことを避けなければなりません。つまり「社会的距離の確保(social distancing)」です。
  • 新学期開始の延期


  • 入学式は4月20日(月)に簡略形式で実施します。学生の代表のみの出席により実施し、ご家族や来賓の方の出席をいただかないこととなります。学生の代表には、別途連絡します。また、後日ネット配信を予定しています。
  • 人の移動は新型コロナウィルス感染拡大の機会にもなります。函館にいらっしゃる前に、1~2週間程度の自発的隔離期間を取り、静穏に過ごして健康を確認したうえで本学に来られるようお願いします。


  • 新型コロナウィルス感染の状況を考慮して、入学式は簡略形式で実施いたします。学生の代表のみの出席により実施し、新入生保護者の方々の参加はご遠慮いただきます。どうぞご理解をお願いします。学生の代表には、別途連絡します。
  • 新入生が健康を保ち、元気に新学期に臨むことができるようご配慮をお願いいたします。


  • 新学期では遠隔授業の導入を予定しています。概要が決まり次第お知らせします。新学期開始までの2週間は予習復習など有意義な時間を過ごしてください。

理事長 片桐恭弘



– 手を洗いましょう。

– 不必要に人混みに出かけるのは避けましょう。

– 咳エチケットを守りましょう。


– かぜ症状がある時には無理せずに自宅で過ごしましょう。

– 感染が疑われる場合には「帰国者・接触者相談センター」に相談してください。

March 2020

To All New Students and Families, and Enrolled Students,

Postponed Start of Spring Semester in 2020 and Change of Entrance Ceremony

The start of the spring semester in 2020 will be postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus (COVID-19) as follows:

[Start of spring semester 2020]

  • Initially Scheduled: Monday, April 6, 2020
  • Rescheduled: Monday, April 20, 2020

(It may be rescheduled depends on the situation of the coronavirus spread.)

[Reasons of postponement]

  • Spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 is spreading worldwide and it is difficult to predict accurately and be settled in a short time in Japan.

  • Importance on continuation of college education

Closing the university for long time will lower the quality of college education.

  • Basic policy for countermeasures

It is the most important to prevent of medical system breakdown due to the rapid infection spread. Therefore, we need to avoid spending time with many people at close distance in an enclosed space. It means “social distancing”.

  • Postponed start of spring semester

Future University is considering the possibilities of satellite classes on the Internet and/or small class with less students than capacity to give classes with ensuring social distancing. The university assign the time for preparation for 2 weeks until the start of spring semester. After the start of new semester, we will provide satisfactory FUN’s learning environment.

[To new students]

  • Entrance ceremony will be held on Monday, April 20 only by student representatives without families and guests. The university will contact the student representatives separately. The video of entrance ceremony will be available on the Internet later.
  • Move of people can trigger COVID-19 spread. Please avoid a crowd for 1-2 weeks, spend a time calmly, and keep yourself healthy before coming to Hakodate.

[To families of new students]

  • In consideration of COVID-19 spread situation, the entrance ceremony will be held but scaled down. Only student representatives attend the ceremony without families. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. The university will contact the student representatives separately.
  • We appreciate your kind concern for students to keep themselves healthy for new school life.

[To enrolled students]

  • Satellite classes will be introduced for the spring semester. The details will be informed as soon as they are decided. We hope you to spend meaningful time for 2 weeks until the start of the semester by working on preparation and review.

President, Public University Corporation Future University Hakodate

[COVID-19 Outbreak Notice]

Preventive measures:

  • Clean your hands.

  • Avoid crowd unless it is necessary.

  • Cover your mouth and nose as you cough and sneeze.

In the case you have symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Stay home if you have any cold symptoms.

  • Consult with the “consultation center for people with potential exposure to COVID-19”.