Future University Hakodate has participated in eduroam JP.
The visitors of institutions that participate in eduroam can use eduroam on campus.
FUN students and faculties cau use eduroam at other institutions that participate in eduroam.

What is eduroam ?

Eduroam (education roaming) is an international wireless LAN roaming
infrastructure. Eduroam allows members from participating institutions
to use wire-less LAN freely when visiting other participating institutions.
Reference: eduroamJP

Participating institutions

Domestic institutions
Domestic institutions(map)
institutions of the world(map)

Method of using eduroam

  • Case when FUN studnets and faculties connect to eduroam at another institution
SSID eduroam
Security WPA2 Enterprise(according to user institution)
Encryption AES(according to user institution)
Authentication method EAP(PEAP)
Authentication ID FUN user ID + (ex:
Authentication password FUN user password
  • Case when a member of another institution connects to eduroam at FUN
SSID eduroam
Security WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption AES
Authentication method EAP(PEAP)
Authentication ID ID of affiliated institutions that participate in eduroam
Authentication password Passwords corresponding to ID of the above affiliated instituitions
  • Configutration manual
    Wireless LAN configuration is neccessary to use eduroam.
    Please refer to the sites below.(Unfortunately, these are written in only Japanese.)

Area where eduroam is available

Eduroam is available in the whole area on campus.