Diploma Policy

Future University Hakodate exists to contribute to society by fostering harmony between humanity and science via innovative developments of information systems in an excellent learning community, and producing human resources equipped with flexible perspectives capable of creating a future society for local and global communities.

Based on this mission and the following five attributes, a Bachelor’s Diploma is awarded to those who obtain the required number of credits.

  1. Superior professional ability regarding Systems Information Science
    • Being able to abstract, systematize and model complicated objects; and utilize them in the real world.
    • Having interdisciplinary exploration and conception abilities to follow the constructive principle for implementation in the real world, and design a society by creating new information systems.
  2. Inquisitiveness and Imagination to support healthy research attitudes
    • Being able to positively confront various problems in the spirit of ‘Open Space, Open Mind’ exploring issues and solutions with good research attitudes and skills.
    • Being able to professionally face society’s problems, unraveling new methodologies or academic fields, thus contributing to the approaching information age.
  3. Expressiveness to support collaborative creativity and teamwork
    • Being able to respect people of different culture or status, building trust based on communication of science and technology, appropriate presentation of accurate information, dialoguing, studying and critiquing each idea to foster co-creation.
    • Being able to show leadership and cooperate in teams, using these shared experiences as a citizen and member of society.
  4. Meta-cognitive ability to foster autonomous and continuous learning
    • Possessing determination to learn as an adult with a broad perspective.
    • Being able to set goals to acquire knowledge and skills over a lifetime.
  5. Humane professionalism
    • Possessing an inquisitive mind and curiosity to explore issues scientifically.
    • Possessing a high standard of ethics, seeking the best solutions with sincerity.