Message from the President

President, Keiji Suzuki

Future University has spectacular views of the Tsugaru Strait and Mount Hakodate, and its glass walls contain vast open spaces. It is within this splendid environment and under its motto of “Open Space, Open Mind” that faculty members and students spend their time sharing ideas about the future.

To ensure that students can continue to study and work with pride in the rapidly advancing field of systems and information science, as represented by data science and artificial intelligence, we not only promote, but also actively practice education aimed at the acquisition of the following five qualities:

  • Highly specialized skills in systems and information science.
  • Problem exploration and conceptualization skills to support a research-oriented attitude.
  • An ability to explain information and work in teams for co-creation.
  • Meta-learning skills to continue learning autonomously.
  • Human qualities needed by professionals.

Unlike other information-related universities in Japan, the faculty members have a wide range of research interests. These interests include not only Information Technology but also Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Information Security, Robotics, Design, Cognitive Science and Complex Systems. Furthermore, they are constantly challenging new research areas in which they involve their students.

Our educational and research practices are not constrained to the campus. Future University Hakodate uses Hakodate and southern Hokkaido as a practical field for education and research by helping to solve various issues faced by these regions. In this way, we contribute to the local community. For example, Marine IT projects that aim for sustainable fisheries while protecting marine resources, and Smart Mobility research uses artificial intelligence technology to tackle local public transportation issues.

Since Future University Hakodate opened in 2000, the inquisitive minds that we have cultivated have succeeded in both domestic and international settings and are highly regarded by companies and in academic fields. Those of you who are going to study at this university should also strive to have an inquisitive nature so that you too can contribute to the creation of a better society. It is our hope that together, faculty and students will reach the summit of inquisitiveness and in doing so will not only surpass alumni but also amaze the teaching staff.