Message from the Chair of the Graduate School

It has been 20 years since the Graduate School of Future University Hakodate was established in 2003, and the relationship between information technology and society has been dramatically changed during the period.  Anyone takes smartphone and accesses the Internet anytime anywhere, and the advanced and updated information technology such as deep learning and generative AI has been rapidly spreading to the society.  Following by the change, importance to develop human resources who can handle the complex systems in information society has been increased more and more.

Our Graduate School of Systems Information Science develops human resources with advanced expertise of information technology through common subjects such as academic literacy and data literacy, and research activities in 5 major fields including Media Architecture Field, Advanced ICT Field, Media Design Field, Complex Systems Information Science Field, and Intelligent Information Science Field.  Moreover, the graduate school programs are designed to provide students with broad perspective and the ability to challenge new fields through interdisciplinary activities through numerous cross fields under the spirit of “Open Space, Open Mind”.

We expect our graduate students to acquire the ability to adapt and be active on a rapidly changing information society with experiencing learning and research activities with us.