Faculty Introduction

BAGENDA, Dominic

Associate Professor

Message for Students

Until we stop trying, success is always possible

Research Contents

Studies in the communication and use of science to improve well-being.

Attractive Factors of My Research

Through this research it is hoped that science can be simplified and communicated effectively to help improve well-being, especially in Africa.


Study experiences enabling Japanese university students improve well-being in communities in Africa using basic science.

Major Books and Papers

  • Bagenda, D., Field, M.H., Okazaki, W. (2019) Impact of Community-pioneered Interventions to Improve Learning in Rural Primary Schools [in Bukedea, Uganda], Twenty-sixth International Conference on Learning: Learning to Make a Social Difference, 24-26 July, 2019, Queens University Belfast, Belfast, U.K.
  • Bagenda, D. K., Nishikawa, S., Kita, H., Kinai, Y., Terai, S., Kato, M., Kasai, H., (2019). Impact of feeding on oyster depuration efficacy under conditions of high salinity and low temperature. Aquaculture, Vol 500, Pages 135-140, ISSN 0044-8486, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aquaculture.2018.10.009.
  • Bagenda, D. K., Yamazaki, K. (2007) Application of bacteriocins in food preservation and safety. Food (Global Science Books) Vol.1, p.137-148.