Faculty Introduction



Message for Students

Find your interesting topics, and research the theme by yourself.

Research Contents

  1. Nonlinear physics : Reaction diffusion systems and other applied mathematics.
  2. Statistical Physics : Associative memory models and their derivatives.
  3. Condensed matter physics : Quantum dot systems and other nano scale physics.

Attractive Factors of My Research

I research three different areas in physics. Nonlinear physics shows unexpected phenomena, it is one of the attractive factors. Statistical physics covers very wide areas in physics, recent development in associative memory model is application to information science. Although the research areas are different, their mechanism may be closely related, it is often surprising. Quantum dot physics is interesting topics for basic science and technology, it is promising for future electric devices.


  1. In the nonlinear physics, I have devoted mainly to reaction diffusion (RD) systems. For three components RD system or two components RD system under global feedback, the properties of their systems were studied.
  2. In the statistical physics, I have studied several types of associative memory models. Stationary state of order parameters and their dynamical properties were examined.
  3. In the quantum dot (QD) system, I have studied Kondo effect and Aharonov-Bohm effect in a single and double QD systems.

Major Books and Papers

Recent papers:

  • ‘Spin-Flip Effects on Current in a Quantum Dot with a Josephson junction System’, by Satoshi Kawaguchi, Journal of Physical Society of Japan, Vol.81, No.3, pp.034707,2012
  • ‘Dynamics of order parameters in oscillator associative memory models with scattered natural frequency under external noise’, by Satoshi Kawaguchi, Journal of Physical Society of Japan, Vol.82, No.5, pp.054003, 2013
  • ‘Propagating wave segment under global feedback’, Satoshi Kawaguchi, European Physical Journal B, Vol.87, No.5, pp.108, 2014