Faculty Introduction

MIMA, Yoshiaki


Message for Students

I am wating for those students, who are interested in both computer and human or in expression using computer.

Research Contents

My research interest has been interactive and user friendly computer applications including the field of office document system, collaboration tool, mobile agent system on internet, tool for education, and interactive art.

Attractive Factors of My Research

Finding factors on creative activities of human is interesting. We still have many unknown aspects of human creativities.


After joining Future University Hakodate, I started collaborative works with researchers, who have back ground of fine arts. Three invited exhibitions have presented. As a member of ThinkingSketch Unit, I designed and implemented the S/W system and the electronic controller. (See also ThinkingSketch site. http://sketch.jp/)

Major Books and Papers

Followings are publications issued in English.

Idea Generation with Stochastic Methods

  • Yoshiaki Mima, Designing User Interface for Algorithmic Design, ALGODE TOKYO 2011, Nov. 2011
  • Yoshiaki Mima, On Designing “Stochastic Idea Generator”, The First International Conference on Design Creativity conference Proceedings, Nov. 2010

Service Innovation Design

  • Yoshiaki Mima, Kunio Iwata, Misako Nambu, Nam-gyu Kang, Educating Service Innovation Design for Undergraduate Students, 2nd International Service Innovation Design Conference, Oct. 2010

Education Support

  • Miki Ito Yokoyama, Kei Ito, Yoshiaki Mima, Sadayoshi Mikami, Making Teaching Visible: Developing a Web-based Course Support System to Facilitate Teaching and Learning Activities, Hawaii International Conference on Education (HICE2006), Jan. 2006

Idea Creation Support

  • Yoshiaki Mima, Ken-ichi Kimura, Hidekatsu Yanagi, ThinkingSketch – A Proposal for Creation Supporting tool, Hierarchies of Communication pp. 158-175, ZKM, Jul. 2003
  • Yoshiaki Mima, Kein-ichi Kimura, Hidekatsu Yanagi, ThinkingSketch: A reflection tool for drawing pictures on computer, ADC2001, Oct. 2001

Printable Icon

  • Itiro Siio, Yoshiaki Mima, IconStickers: Converting Computer Icons into Real Paper Icons, Human Computer Interaction ’99, Aug. 1999

Desktop for Mobile Agent

  • Yoshiaki Mima, Bali: A Desktop for Mobile Agent, APCHI’98, Jul. 1998


  • Takashi Sakairi, Itiro Siio, Yoshiaki Mima, Amane Nakajima, Shiro Ando, Yohnosuke Furui, A Remote Multimedia Presentation System Using a Direct Pointing Stick, Proc. IEEE 3rd International Workshop on Robot and Human Communication, Jul. 1994.

Visual Language

  • Yoshiaki Mima, A Visual Programming Environment for Programming by Example, IEEE Proc. Workshop on Visual Languages, Oct. 1991

Windowing System, Multi-font Management System

  • Makoto Kobayashi and Yoshiaki Mima, Multi-font Handling for Large Character Set on Workstations, IEEE Office Automation Symposium, Apr. 1987