Faculty Introduction

NAMBU, Misako

Associate Professor

Research Contents

My research focuses on cognitive activity and mechanisms in everyday situation, especially interpersonal communication in face-to-face and technology mediated contexts. My recent focus areas include the management of quality and safety in healthcare from the perspective of cognitive psychology.

Attractive Factors of My Research

Workplace, Field Research, Cognitive Activity Analysis, and Assistive Technology and System. All for making everyone happy.

Major Books and Papers

  • Nambu, M., Otsuka, H., Tominaga, A., and Fujino, Y. (in printing). Boundary design in college partnership workshop: A qualitative analysis of observers’ reflective discussion. Qualitative Psychology Forum.
  • Nambu, M., Harada, E.T., Suto, S., Shigemori, M., and Uchida, K. (2006). Risk sharing communication in medical settings: Analyses of nurses’ conversation, Cognitive Studies, 13(1), 62-79.