Faculty Introduction

TSUJI, Yoshihito

Associate Professor

Message for Students

"I'll go to school just because it's on the way to where I really want to go" 1. Explore the world of academic study. 2. Find something you want to do outside of university. It will enrich your life.

Research Contents

Explanation of “easy-to-understand”

Attractive Factors of My Research

How can we perform “easy-to-understand” explanation? Expert explainers( like teacher, coach) can modify contents and method of explanation adaptively. So their expanations are clear for a receiver. That is, “easy-to-understand” explanations are flexible and impossible to reproduce. Reciprocal communication is the core of my interest.


  • Studies of explanation
  • Academic skill
  • Basic statistics close to us
  • Presentation skill seminar

Major Books and Papers

  • An Invitation to Questionnaire Design with Excel,Nakanishiya syuppan(in Japanese)
  • Psychology I; Theory and Method, Kawashima shoten(in Japanese)
  • A Comparison of Learning Effects between Active Learning and Traditional learning for Identical lecture, Japan journal of educational technology, Vol.40(suppl), 45-48(in Japanese)