Faculty Introduction

WADA, Masaaki


Message for Students

Improve your knowledge, idea and technical skill. Let’s go out to the field and discover the fishermen’s needs. We can solve it by using information technology.

Research Contents

We have been working on the research for the coastal fisheries support utilizing information technologies. Our work have developed and become the new research field called “marine IT”. The fishery digital diary system which is one of our research results is watched by all the world with interest as a practical use case of the information technology in fisheries. We would like to do original research and publish the research results to the world.

Attractive Factors of My Research

Our research could not only solve the food supply problems in the future world but alse make fishermen happy.


Squid fishing robot

Squid fishing is one of the most mechanized fishery in the world. The quid fishing robot shared 70 percent in the world.
Ubiquitous buoy: Original designed very small and cheap water temperature observation buoy. It has been commercialized and is used not only domestic but overseas.

Fishery digital diary

An iPad application for the fishermen. It realized marine-resources management.
He received IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award in 2007, Hokkaido science and technology Award in 2012, IPSJ Kiyasu Special Industrial Achievement Award in 2013, Hokkaido Bureau of Telecommunications Award 2014 and Kinki District Transport Bureau Award in 2014.

Major Books and Papers

  • Masaaki Wada, Shigeya Yasui, Ramadhona Saville, Katsumori Hatanaka, “The development of a remote fish finder system for set-net fishery”, Proceedings of OCEANS – St. John’s, Sustainable Fisheries Technologies 1, 6 pages in CD-ROM, 2014.9
  • Masaaki Wada, Katsumori Hatanaka, Ramadhona Saville, I Nyoman Radiarta, Ketut Sugama, “Marine Observation Framework Using ICT for Mariculture in Indonesia”, Proceedings of 2013 OCEANS – San Diego Conference & Exhibition, 6 pages in CD-ROM, 2013.9
  • Masaaki Wada, Minoru Sano, Katsumori Hatanaka, Hiroaki Taka, Makoto Okamoto, “Development of a ubiquitous GIS plotter utilizing mobile facilities for fishery industries,” Proceedings of 2013 MTS/IEEE OCEANS – Bergen, 6 pages in CD-ROM, 2013.6
  • Masaaki Wada, Katsumori Hatanaka, Minoru Sano, Hiroaki Taka, “Digital diary system for fishery and applications of fishery management,” Proceedings of the OCEANS 2012 MTS/IEEE, Marine life and ecosystems, 6 pages in CD-ROM, 2012.10
  • Masaaki Wada, Katsumori Hatanaka, “Real time seawater observation network for aquaculture,” Proceedings of the OCEANS 2011 MTS/IEEE KONA, Aquaculture: Tools and Techniques, 6 pages in CD-ROM, 2011.9
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