2014Publishing activity by Future University Hakodate Press commenced.
2013Education Network for Practical Information Technologies (enPiT) project in collaboration with 15 universities throughout Japan launched.
2012FUN Collaborative Laboratory System established.

Expansion/reorganization of Collaborative Research Center into Center for University-Society Relations and Collaboration implemented.
Meta Learning Laboratory activity commenced.

2010Ceremony for University’s 10th anniversary held.

Reorganization of Department of Media Architecture and Department of Complex Science into Department of Media Architecture and Department of Complex and Intelligent Systems implemented.
Advanced ICT course offering graduate and undergraduate courses (six years) opened.

2009Started to hold “Hakodate International Science Festival” as a regional network support project (held every year).
2008Established Public University Corporation.

Established Center for Meta-Learning.

2007Establishment of Public University Corporation approved.
Work on establishment of Hakodate Council for the Promotion of Collaboration among Institutions of Higher Education (renamed Campus Consortium Hakodate in April 2008) implemented.
2006Education concept of Project Learning was adopted in Support Program for Distinctive University Education by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


Construction of Research Building was completed. Tokyo Satellite Office (Akihabara) opened.
2004Joint Research Center for systematic support of regional and industry-university/government collaboration opened. Received Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award of the 9th Public Buildings Association Award (Living Facility Division) for main school building.
2003Future University Hakodate Graduate School opened.
2002Received Architectural Institute of Japan Prize (Architectural Design Division) for main school building.
Commenced Project Learning as a forerunner of problem solution-type learning. Establishment of Future University Hakodate Graduate School was approved.
2001Received the 26th Hokkaido Architectural Award for main school building.
Received the 14th Hokkaido Aka Renga Architecture Incentive Award for main school building.
2000Future University Hakodate opened. School of Systems Information Science.
Department of Media Architecture. Department of Complex Systems Science.
1999Establishment of Future University Hakodate was approved.
1998Commencement of university building.
1997Established Hakodate Wide Area Unification of Public University organized by one city and four towns: Hakodate, Kamiiso, Ono, Nanae and Toi (now two cities and one town: Hakodate, Hokuto and Nanae, due to a merger).