• 入国時の検疫所の指示※にしたがってください。
  • 感染者が多数出ている国から帰国した場合は、検疫所の指示がなくても、14日間程度は外出を控えて、体調の管理を行ってください。
  • その場合、大学への質問や相談がある時は、直接登校せず、電話やメールであらかじめ担当部署へ問い合わせてください。
     教務課 学生支援・就職担当 TEL: 34-6471 Eメール:
     教務課 教務・図書担当 TEL: 34-6421 Eメール:




To students who returned from overseas,

The new coronavirus has been spreading worldwide. The entire world is at least at level 1
of MOFA’s Travel Advice and Warning on Infectious Diseases,
and Europe in particular has been designated as level 2. This infection is a major threat to all of us.
Please make sure to follow the instructions given at the quarantine station when you enter Japan.
Following the instructions not only protects your health, but also protects your family,
friends and people you pass by from serious infections.
Being in good condition, and not following the directions and acting freely can put many people in danger.
You should be aware that most of young people don’t have the symptoms when infected with the virus.
I know that overseas experience was precious thing that had a big effect on your life,
but please be patient for a while to share the joy with your family and friends for a while.

Requests for students returned from studying abroad or traveling abroad

– Please follow the instructions* of the quarantine station when you enter Japan
– If you returned from a country with a large number of infected people, do not go out for about 14 days,
and manage your health condition, even if you weren’t given any instructions at the quarantine station.
‐In this case, if you have any questions or concerns to the university,
do not come to the university directly, but contact the administration office by phone or email instead.

  • To report when you are infected
    Student Affairs Section, Education Affairs Division
    TEL: 34-6471
  • Information about lectures and attendance
    Education Affairs Section, Education Affairs Division  
    TEL: 34-6421

*Japanese who have arrived from designated areas on flights departed after midnight on March 21
are required to stay at a designated location (home or hotel) for two weeks and not use public transportation.
Designated areas: At present, there are a total of 38 countries in Europe and
Iran and Egypt excluding 5 Eastern European countries such as Serbia.


Manager of the Education Affairs Division