本学における新型コロナウイルス感染者の発生について / The Outbreak of COVID-19 at FUN






学長 片桐 恭弘


New COVID-19 infection occurred among FUN students

Monday, January 17 to Thursday, January 20, 2022, it was found that nine students of FUN have been infected with COVID-19. As a result of the investigation, we confirmed that among the students that tested positive some students entered the campus building after two days before developing the disease. However, the places on campus where the students dropped in have already been disinfected. Students, who had close contact with the infected students, have been identified, and since then they have been staying at home for a certain period. We have done the necessary treatment for this matter after we confirmed the routes of transmission and histories of related persons’ movements. Therefore, the university currently operates as usual.

We will continue to adhere to strict measures and prevent the expansion of infection in cooperation with the Public Health Center, etc.
We would like to ask for understanding and consideration regarding respect for the human rights of the students and the students’ family members, etc., and also the protection of their personal information.


President of Future University Hakodate