登下校時にバス利用を検討している方へ / For those who are considering taking the bus to and from school















Dear students,


Starting with the first semester’s face-to-face regular examinations to be held on Monday, September 7, FUN will partially lift the ban on students coming to school, and allow students to come to the university for exams and for face-to-face classes.

As the outbreak of the new coronavirus continues, we ask you to follow the measures to prevent infection when you are at the university.

For this reason, we encourage you to avoid using public transportation as much as possible and to come to school by bicycles, walking, and other methods that do not create the “Three C’s” of a situation, but at the same time, we have decided to increase the number of buses on a temporary basis as a measure to prevent the spread of infection among students who need to take the bus to school.


【Increased Bus Services (during the first semester’s regular examinations (face-to-face))】
There will be additional buses to some of the routes (Hakodate Bus) that arrive and depart from “Future University Hakodate” bus stops that are expected to be heavily used.
However, this is not intended to encourage you to use the buses, but rather to distribute passengers and reduce congestion.
Please understand the purpose of the increased timetables and use the bus as needed.
When using an increased bus, please try to take the one with more of empty seats.

※How to use, where to get on and off, and the schedule is the same as for the regular bus. Please note that those buses will be used by public passengers as well. The increased timetables during the first semester’s regular examinations are as follows. When using public transportation such as buses, please wear a mask, refrain from talking to others, and keep a safe distance between you and other passengers.

【During the First Semester’s Regular Examination Period】 Timetable for the Temporary Buses


Also, when waiting at the bus stop, please do the same and keep a distance between you and other passengers.

We will send you another email with notes on the exam. Please be sure to check the email from the administration bureau office.

Thank you.


Manager of Education Affairs Division