博士前期課程2年の佐藤秀輔さんがICCE2020 Best Technical Design Paper Awardを受賞

博士前期課程2年の佐藤秀輔さんと角薫教授の論文が、国際会議International Conference on Computer in Education (ICCE2020)にてBest Technical Design Paper Awardを受賞しました(2020年11月27日)。

International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE)は、コンピュータと教育の分野のカンファレンス(国際会議)です。今年はオンラインにて11月23日から27日までの日程で行われました。国際会議2020全体で本論文のみがBest Technical Design Paper Awardを受賞しました。



【ICCE2020 Best Technical Design Paper Award】

・Shusuke Sato & Kaoru Sumi: Story Generation System Using Player’s Emotions for Review in Gamed-Based Learning. In 28th International Conference on Computers in Education (2020.11).


We propose a game-based story generation system that automatically generates scripts in real time by using a player’s emotions and actions. In this paper, we consider whether the history of the experience, containing action and emotion information, would be useful for review of the learning experience. The system provides a player with a virtual world and a virtual tool operated by using a hand controller. The system recognizes the player’s real-time emotions through facial expressions, and it outputs reactions based on these emotions via knowledge-based systems when the player operates the tool. Then, it outputs scripts based on the emotions and the history of actions. We evaluated the system by conducting experiments with university students as subjects. As a result, the system could generate interesting stories based on the player’s experience in the game by using the player’s history of actions and emotions. The results suggest that the historical information, including the learner’s real-time actions and emotions, is helpful for review in learning.

International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE2020)