Notes for Infection Prevention(June 4, 2020 issued)

◎To Students
※Please be sure to follow the instructions below to prevent infection
and the spread of the virus at the university.
(Please keep a record of the information needed for cluster protection)

【If you are planning to come to the university, please keep a record of
your physical condition.】
□Body temperature, record of physical condition(Please keep a record of
your body temperature and physical condition on a daily basis)
□Please keep a record of the date you come to the university, arrival time,
leaving time, staying place at the university, transportation method.
□If you have a slight fever or symptoms of cold, be sure to stay at home.

【Please be careful when coming/leaving the university】
□Try to avoid public transportation as much as possible and travel by
bicycle or on foot instead.
□Make sure to wear a mask when using public transportation.

【Please take responsibility for hygiene management while at school】
□Wear a mask when you are at the university.
□Keep a distance of 2 m (at least 1 m) from people and avoid the 3 C’s.
□Wash your hands frequently at the university (When arriving, when leaving,
before eating and drinking, after contacting common used areas, and after
using the toilet)
□Disinfect your desk before and after use.

【Please limit the place to stay/use】
□Limit eating place. Please secure yourself by washing your hands and
disinfecting your desk.
□Choose one location for the toilet to use.

※Even if you come to the university without realizing that you are infected,
you’ll be more likely to protect others from infection if you are following
the instructions above.

◎To the faculty members
□Please encourage the students to follow the above instructions.
□Please keep a record of the time when a student actually comes and leaves.
□Please keep a record of the places used by students for the research guidance.
□Please check your lab hygiene status regularly and give appropriate instructions
to users.
□Please minimize face-to-face instruction when the students are at the university.
Please talk on the phone or online unless the face-to-face time is very short.

※Things written above are general caution. The situation varies depending on
the laboratory. If necessary, create your own manual for infection prevention
in the laboratory and share it with students.