INAMURA, Hiroshi

DepartmentDepartment of Media Architecture
Specialized Fieldsmobile computing
Subjects in Charge
Academic Background
Personal HistoryHiroshi Inamura is a professor of School of Systems Information Science, Future University Hakodate. He was an executive research engineer in NTT docomo, Inc. He received B.E., M.E. and D.E. degree in Keio University, Japan. He is a member of IPSJ, IEICE, ACM and IEEE.
Starting Time of EmploymentApril, 2016.

Research Contents

mobile computing, system software for smart devices,
mobile/sensor network and their security.

Attractive Factors of My Research


Major Books and Papers

1 Extracting Local Event Information from Micro-blogs for Trip
Planning. W.Yamada, D.Torii, H.Kikuchi, H.Inamura, K.Ochiai, and
K.Ohta. In Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (ICMU), 2015
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2 A Model-based Energy Profiler using Online Logging for Android
Applications. Takeshi Kamiyama, Hiroshi Inamura, and Ken Ohta.
In ICMU:The Seventh International Conference on Mobile Computing and
Ubiquitous Networking January 6-8, 2014 Singapore Management
University, Singapore, 2014

3 Variable interval positioning method for smartphone-based power-saving
geofencing. Tomohiro Nakagawa, Wataru Yamada, Chiaki Doi,
Hiroshi Inamura, Ken Ohta, Makoto Suzuki, and Hiroyuki Morikawa. In
Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), 2013 IEEE
24th International Symposium on, pp. 3482--3486, 2013

4 Poster: an energy profiler for android applications used in the real
world. Hiroki Furusho, Kenji Hisazumi, Takeshi Kamiyama, Hiroshi
Inamura, Tsuneo Nakanishi, and Akira Fukuda. In The 10th
International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and
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5 Javascript Instrumentation in Practice. Haruka Kikuchi, Dachuan
Yu, Ajay Chander, Hiroshi Inamura, and Igor Serikov. In Programming
Languages and Systems, 6th Asian Symposium, APLAS 2008, Bangalore,
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7 Enhancing Fast Recovery Algorithm using Loss Recovery for NewReno
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8 Impact of Layer Two ARQ on TCP Performance in W-CDMA Networks. 共著,
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9 H.Inamura, G.Montenegro, R.Ludwig, A.Gurtov, and F.Khafizov.:
TCP over second (2.5G) and third (3G) Generation Wireless Networks.,
RFC3481/BCP71, IETF Network Working Group. 2003

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