MURAI, Hajime

DepartmentDepartment of Complex and Intelligent Systems
Specialized FieldsDigital Humanities, Bibliometrics, Narratology
Subjects in Charge
Academic BackgroundInstitute of Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology
DegreePh. D. in Engineering
Personal History
Starting Time of Employment2017/04

Research Contents

Attractive Factors of My Research

The goal is scientific elucidation of structures in abstract, complex concepts and emotions of human by quantitative analysis of language for various targets such as culture, religion, politics, and social problems.


2009 Best Paper Award, Japan Society of Kansei Engineering.
2015 Incentive Award, Japan Society for Artificial Intelligence.
2016 Best Poster Award, Information Processing Society of Japan SIG Computers and the Humanities.

Major Books and Papers

"Plot Analysis for Describing Punch Line Functions in Shinichi Hoshi's Microfiction"", OpenAccess Series in Informatics, Vol. 41, pp. 121-129, 2014.
""Exegetical Science for the Interpretation of the Bible: Algorithms and Software for Quantitative Analysis of Christian Documents", Springer International Publishing, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Parallel/Distributed Computing Studies in Computational Intelligence, Volume 492, pp 67-86, 2013.

Message to Students

Would you like to join me for investigating scientifically the power of excellent works which affect our minds and our lives? I am waiting for the person who is deeply impressed in presious humanities works such as novel, music, movie, comic, or computer game.