HARADA, Yasushi

DepartmentDepartment of Media Architecture
Specialized FieldsInformation Design, Dynamic Information Graphics, Interactive Story Telling, Design Method
Subjects in Charge
Academic Background
DegreePh.D (Kansei Science)
Personal HistoryChiba Institute of Technology, 2008-2012
President, Design Compass Co., Ltd. 2007-2008
Associate professor, Tama Art University,2002-2005
Senior Lecturer, University of Tsukuba, 1994-2002
Recruit Co., Ltd., 1989-1994
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., 1984-1988
Starting Time of EmploymentApril, 2012

Research Contents

-Utilization of infographics for knowledge sharing
Research on infographic production method which expresses information contents attractively.
Development of learning materials, exhibits, interactive contents, and applying dynamic infographic graphics to the interfaces.
(E.g. Digital Storytelling, Interactive Media)

-Real Time Documentation
A study of a method to visualize experiences.(Application of knowledge visualization)
We will explore ways to record and express events as they progress using illustrations and images for workshops, lessons, etc. We will use this expression as a medium for reviewing people participating in activities. Furthermore, it will be developed as a tool for communicating with the surrounding people.

-Design for community contribution
Research on participant’s design methods.
Participant’s design refers to activities that enter the target community as a member and gradually build his/her own place while working with the members to solve the problems and present the possibilities to the community.

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