DepartmentThe Center for Meta-Learning
Specialized FieldsCALL (computer-assisted language learning), applied linguistics
Subjects in ChargeCommunication, Virtual English Program (VEP), Pre-enrolment English
Academic BackgroundSchool of Education, University of New England, Australia
DegreeMaster of Applied Linguistics (TESOL)
Personal HistoryI was employed by Future University Hakodate as a specially appointed research assistant in 2011 and promoted to the position of associate professor in 2013.
Starting Time of EmploymentApril 2011

Research Contents

I'm interested in how the content and design of a fully online course can help students maintain their internal motivation to learn, especially for those unfamiliar with e-learning. Other things I'm involved with include the effective design of online collaborative writing tasks and the creation of content for an online, supplementary English grammar course for students.

Attractive Factors of My Research


Major Books and Papers

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